Webinar replay | SPH method: ease of use demonstration with SPH-flow

Lubrication system application case

Thursday, May 27th 2021

Watch our SPH method webinar replay

  • You struggle to mesh the rotating parts of your application with complex meshing techniques such as sliding grids, overset, local remeshing…?
  • You are tired of spending your time in the setup of your simulation instead of optimizing your solution?
  • You are not satisfied with the accuracy of the free surface modeling of your standard CFD method?

Watch our webinar replay and explore how to easily optimize your design performance with the SPH method.

You will learn about…

Learn how to easily optimize your design performance with the SPH method thanks to:

  • Meshless simulations: free yourself from standard CFD method with complex meshing technology
  • Guided step-by-step user-friendly interface with dedicated tools adapted to your application
  • Scripting capability to automate your entire workflow.

Laura Trappolini, Nextflow Software product manager, demonstrates the SPH-flow product with an illustrative gearbox lubrication application case.

This webinar is part of a demonstration series. We will conduct additional sessions to demonstrate SPH method capabilities and SPH-flow product on other use-cases.

Meet the speaker

Laura Trappolini

Laura Trappolini | Product Manager

Nextflow Software

LinkedIn profile

Mechanical Engineer from the Belgian University of Mons, Laura is specialized in fluid dynamics for turbomachinery and multiphysics applications.
She has more than 5 years of experience in standard CFD methods with meshing tools. She is now Product Manager of the meshless solutions at Nextflow Software.

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