Webinar | Energy & environmental applications of SPH-flow

How SPH technology can answer CFD-related challenges in Energy Production & Environment?

This free webinar will take place on Tuesday, 28th of September 2021

  • 9:00am – 9:45am (Central Standard Time)
  • 10:00am – 10:45am (Eastern Daylight Time)
  • 4:00pm – 4:45pm (Central European Time)

45 minutes session (30 min of presentation, 15 min of Q&A)

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  • You are currently facing challenging environmental requirements that request design evolution?

  • You want to innovate and improve designs for minimal environmental impact?

  • You need to optimize your model and reduce design cycles without increasing costs?

Register to our webinar and explore energy and environmental applications reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market while improving environmental sustainability.

You will learn about…

Learn how to address the new environmental revolution:

  • Go faster with the meshless Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method reducing engineering and CPU time
  • Gain deep insight on the flow structure by modeling accurately the fluid/fluid interface
  • Be agile thanks to a guided integrated workflow and automated process.

Laura Trappolini, Nextflow Software Product Manager, will demonstrate key SPH method’s capabilities on diverse application cases in the energy and environment sectors:

  • Predict factory flooding risk with oil tank rupture simulation
  • Analyze water propagation at the city scale with dam break simulation
  • Optimize hydraulic energy generation with Pelton turbine simulation
  • Protect seawall surroundings with wave overtopping simulation
  • Understand the behavior of a water chute disaggregation with a dam waterfall simulation.

Meet the speaker

Laura Trappolini

Laura Trappolini | Product Manager

Nextflow Software

LinkedIn profile

Mechanical Engineer from the Belgian University of Mons, Laura is specialized in fluid dynamics for turbomachinery and multiphysics applications.
She has more than 5 years of experience in standard CFD methods with meshing tools. She is now Product Manager of the meshless solutions at Nextflow Software.