Corporate videos

Laura Trappolini testimony

Nextflow Software Product manager

Laura Trappolini, Product manager at Nextflow Software shares her product and technology vision. We interviewed Laura a few days ago to understand better her job and missions.

Watch her 2:30 minutes video testimony.

David Le Touzé testimony

Deputy Director of LHEEA Lab (ECN & CNRS)

We interviewed David Le Touzé, Deputy Director of LHEEA Lab (Ecole Centrale de Nantes and CNRS) as part of our strong partnership with Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
By watching his video testimony (3 minutes), you will discover our genesis and the SPH method evolution.

Vincent Perrier testimony

Nextflow Software CEO

We interviewed Vincent Perrier, Nextflow Software CEO, to let him share with you Nextflow Software vision and mission. Discover his testimony by watching this video (2 minutes).
Thank you to our academic partners for their strong support & this great collaboration!

Vincent Perrier interview (Nextflow Software CEO)

On B SMART television set, with Cécilia Severi

Vincent Perrier, Nextflow Software CEO, was interviewed by Cécilia Severi, journalist at B SMART to discuss about the company development.
B SMART (“Le Lab” program) is a TV show where numerical actors pitch about their expertises and innovative solutions.

Automotive applications 

Sensors soiling from vehicle wheels

Water management application

You want to benchmark and optimize your vehicle design on water management application? You need to determine strategic sensor and camera positions on a vehicle to avoid soiling from wheels?
Check out our sensors soiling simulation on a Tesla car (Model Y). The goals of this simulation are to determine strategic sensor/ camera positions, and observe sensors/ cameras soiling from wheels.

This simulation has been realized in collaboration with our partners A2Mac1 & AirShaper.

Ensure driver’s good visibility

By rainy weather

You want to study rainwater flow on a car? You need to ensure safe driving experience by rainy weather?
Check out this simulation on a Tesla car (Model Y).
During heavy rain, the rain falling on a car windshield may alter driver’s visibility, especially when it overflows onto the side windows as wipers clear water from the windshield and create new flows.

This simulation has been realized in collaboration with our partners A2Mac1 & AirShaper.

Energy & Environment applications 

Oil storage tank rupture

Predict factory flooding risks

You need to optimize the design of safety facilities in a refinery? You want to prevent environmental disaster? You want to simulate solutions easily and quickly?

Check out our oil storage tank rupture simulation in a refinery! The goals of this simulation are to optimize safety facilities design and prevent environment disaster

Simulate a wide-scale event

from a publicly available mesh

You need to simulate a flooding event easily, at the scale of a street and even a city from open data? You can obtain a rough 3D model, but the volume meshing for your traditional CFD method appears out-of-reach?
Check out Nextflow Software’s demonstration simulation of the Big One tsunami on the San Francisco bay!


Heat Transfer Coefficient 

You want to quantify the heat transfer between your fluid and solid? You need to feed your thermal structure software with the fluid influence?
Check out Nextflow Software’s fluid flow capabilities and its new Heat Transfer Coefficient automatic computation!

  • The numerical simulation is made more robust
  • The CFD simulation can be integrated into multidisciplinary simulation process
  • The HTC computation is built-in Nextflow Studio post-processing feature

Free surface feature

You want to take maximum benefit from your simulation? You struggle with your free-surface visualization? Check out our free-surface meshing algorithm.

  • Nextflow Software tools automatically compute free-surface mesh from particle-based simulation
  • Free surface mesh can directly be used for scientific rendering (Nextflow Studio, ParaView…) and for realistic ray-tracing (Blender, OSPRay…).