We have interviewed Vincent Perrier, Nextflow Software CEO, to let him share with you Nextflow Software vision and missions. Discover his testimony by watching this 2 minutes video.

We wanted to thank you also our academic partners for their strong support and this great collaboration since the beginning!

My name is Vincent Perrier. I’m the CEO of Nextflow Software.

Your motto?

As an entrepreneur, I know that a startup is a marathon, this is not a sprint. And you have to be prepared to any scenarios.

Nextflow Software in one tweet?

Sure, we are next generation CFD software and we are pushing the limits of complex fluid flow simulation. Thanks to technologies that do not require complex meshing operations, Nextflow Software increases the capabilities of CFD for new application domains.

Nextflow Software vision and missions?

At Nextflow Software, everything starts with physics and CFD. We have a team of very talented CFD engineers and doctors, as well as software engineers and we believe that CFD can deliver new simulation capabilities. So that’s why we work on innovative technologies, at the edge of research, very closely with our academic partners and we want to take this leading edge research to the market to our customers. 

We believe that CFD has to be easier to use and has to deliver accurate results faster. So instead of taking days of engineering time, using Nextflow, you will take only minutes to set up your simulation.  And instead of taking hours or days of computation time, you will obtain much faster simulation results. 

So for that, we adopt new approach of fluid simulation, with meshless methods. And with those methods, we push the limits of numerical design, as part of industry 4.0. So our industrial customers can design better products, faster and cheaper.

Your last word

A final word, I would say focus on physics, not on meshing. 


Vincent Perrier

CEO, Nextflow Software