We have interviewed Laura Trappolini, Product manager at Nextflow Software to understand better her job and missions.
By watching Laura Trappolini video testimony (2,30 minutes), you will understand her product and technology vision.

Hello, I’m Laura Trappolini. I’m the product manager in Nextflow Software.


Your job in 3 words?

So the first word, I would say “meetings”. Because I have a lot of them as my job is really to be a coordinator between the different teams: between the developers, the sales, the presales, the marketing and so on. So it’s really a lot of communication.

The second word, I would say “strategy” for the product strategy part, because it’s always a tradeoff between making the right product and making the product right.

The last word would be the most important one: it’s “customer centric”,  which is two words, but it doesn’t matter because every decision that we take in the company must be to enhance the user experience.


Your product & technology vision?

So usually, in other CFD companies, we develop only mesh-based solutions. In Nextflow, we made the decision to develop meshless solutions. In this solution, the engineers can rather focus on the physics rather than on the meshing process that can take days, even weeks sometimes.

So in Nextflow, we have commercialized a first solver called SPH-flow. SPH means Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. In this solver, we can represent accurately highly dynamic fluid flow with the free surface and also complex body motion.

In Nextflow Software, we have also our own integrated simulation environment called Nextflow Studio, which is an intuitive interface, in which you can plug in any solver that you would like.


Nextflow Software markets & applications?

So in Nextflow, we don’t target one specific market. We cover quite a large majority of it like automotive, energy and environment, aerospace applications.

Our software actually targets engineers that are working in research and development centers and design and manufacture industrial products or systems or even infrastructures. So like dams or offshore platform or even a car, a boat, a part of the car and so on.

Your last word

Come join us in Nextflow Software.


Laura Trappolini

Product manager, Nextflow Software