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Optimize simulation cycles and computing time/accuracy ratio

Nextflow Software provides an intuitive and integrated engineering environment that improves your productivity and quality of your work, while meeting your industry-specific constraints. Our workbench supports state-of-the-art CAD formats and provides efficient tools. It is designed to optimize your simulation cycles (including pre- and post-processing) and your computing time/accuracy ratio.

Optimize, monitor and manage your simulation process with a unique collaborative tool

Nextflow Studio is a software platform that integrates all solvers, pre- and post-processing tools. It provides a collaborative environment to manage easily and efficiently your simulation projects.

Thanks to its innovative design and optimized user experience, your engineering workflow is optimized so you can get faster to the resolution of field-specific design objectives.

  • Simulation input data setup is simplified with intuitive graphical user interfaces: 3D rendering, kinematics visualization, business- and user-oriented validations for parameters setup.
  • CAD & quality meshing measurement tools are included and optimized to meet the targeted solver. This built-in process reduces the time spent setting-up simulation runs.
  • The monitoring plugin controls is available to track computations, whether your simulations run on your own servers (on-premise) or in the cloud.
  • Simulation output data, results and reports are enhanced, valued and shared: all of them can be automatically integrated into your legacy data and deployed on your IT systems through a PLM integration API.