… for early exploration to in-depth analysis of complex fluid flows in industrial designs.

Nextflow Software introduces a new solution based on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method for the exploration and analysis of complex fluid flows in industrial designs.

SPH-flow, Nextflow Software’s SPH offering, includes 2 complementary products to address all engineering needs:

  1. SPH-flow Explorer is typically used in pre-study design exploration phase, where fast simulations are expected to guide and orient early design choices.
  2. SPH-flow Designer provides reliable and in-depth insights, useful for later-stage design analysis.

SPH-flow Designer uses the most-advanced and state-of-the-art SPH models, improving accuracy and convergence order, even when complex multi-physics are involved.

SPH-flow Explorer is a brand-new product optimized to deliver results as fast as possible, offering the shortest time-to-results/solution time.

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