Internships 2019-2020

Come and check Nextflow's internship opportunities for year 2019-2020. More information here .

DE24/7 pick of the week !

Nextflow Software is the Editor's pick of the week on Digital Engineering 24/7. Read full article here .

Airbus Development Day

Nextflow Software is proud to have been invited to the Airbus Development Day in Toulouse on July 11 to present its innovative software to Airbus and its partners. More about Airbus Development Day.

UK Fluids Network SPH meeting

Nextflow Software presented at the the next UK Fluids Network SPH meeting hosted on the Granta Park campus in Cambridge on the 10th of July. More about UK Fluids Network

Check on latest hydroplaning SPH-flow updates

Based on a long-term partnership with tire manufacturer Michelin our aquaplaning related experiences allow our engineering team to constantly improve our SPH-flow solver for hydroplaning simulation. More information here.

Simulation solution for damage-free emergency sea landing

Find out more about Nextflow Software wide expertise in ditching simulation in partnership with Dassault Aviation and Airbus Helicopters. Our strong experience is gained in ongoing studies, such as spaceship boosters falling in the sea or lifeboat and container...


Nextflow Software at the ASD Days

Hosted in the prestigious Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace de Paris-Le-Bourget, ASD Days is a great networking opportunity to meet pairs of the aeronautics industry, defense and also drone industry. ASD Days is an international event gathering 300 exhibitors from 20...


SHPERIC 12th international workshop in Ourense

Nextflow Software will attend 12th International SPHERIC workshop in Ourense, Spain. The workshop exclusively focuses on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) methodology and related simulation approaches. The SPH method was initially developed to study the...