OPTNAV: Hull modeling and optimization made simple

OptNav is a multipurpose optimization tool for the hull designer. It combines different solvers such as Hydrostatics, Holltrop Resistance, Intact Stability Check, with a powerful modelling and deformation engine. These different features are orchestrated to generate precise design of experiments (DOEs) with automatic mesh generation of modified hulls, and pre-evaluation of hull performances.

Fast hull pre-design optimization, easy integration in your process

Hull optimization is the main way to meet environmental and cost-reduction challenges when designing or refitting a ship.

OptNav is an efficient pre-optimization tool based on a set of solvers and an innovative parametric hull modeler. OptNav helps the designer with its easy-to-use interface, by generating a complete set of computed data, CADs and meshes.

Hull efficiency is automatically evaluated through empirical resistance solvers, to allow the designer to identify the best hull design.

Thanks to its mesh binding and CAD export functionalities, OptNav easily integrates with your optimization process, by providing the adequate inputs for your CFD solution.


Hydrostatics/Balance computation

Sectional area curves analysis and visualization

Intact stability evaluation

Holltrop resistance computation

Parametric deformations and DOE generation


OptNav is a Robert McNeel & Associates Rhinoceros 3D plugin, for hull optimization, including all needed functionalities for the designer:

  • Hydrostatics computation
  • Sectional area curves
  • Intact static stability checks (Gz curves)
  • Holltrop resistance estimation

  • Analytic Bezier deformations and Grasshopper integration
  • CAD export (.3dm .step and .iges)
  • Automatic and parametric deformation cases and associated hydrostatics
  • Design Of Experiment generation (Sweeper), integrating Sobol distribution law, with comparison report
  • Surface mesh export: (Siemens STAR-CCM+, REVA, ISIS-CFD/NUMECA International FINE/Marine, REVA)
  • Volume mesh generation (Siemens STAR-CCM+, ECN-BEC ICARE)