Wave impact loads

Assessing extreme loads on ships and offshore structures and superstructures

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Wave impacts are among the most extreme loads occurring on ships and offshore structures. Even if extreme loads are taken into account for design rules, understanding non-linear impacts and computing water on deck or on superstructures remains a major design issue. Bow shapes and design, deck layout including deflectors must also be taken into account to protect equipment and ensure the safety of the crew.

Our solution

Nextflow Software solvers can compute wave loads on structures and superstructures, based on a complete methodology.
The diffraction/radiation solver identifies critical waves by evaluating many sea states using linear theory (parametric study of headings, wave heights and sea states). A potential High Order Spectral wave solver (HOS) coupled with a CFD solver (such as SPH-flow) is then used to compute critical waves time series identified. This methodology makes the most of all the solvers, in the same unified environment.


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