Liquid motion and sloshing

Sloshing, or how to understand liquid motions and loads on containment/tanks

Your application

Liquids are everywhere and used for fueling, cooling, heating, oiling, or other purposes in electro-mechanical and hydraulic systems. When in a moving vehicle (whether on or off-road, on sea/rivers, in air or space), they are subject to motion and resonance modes and in specific conditions can even produce extreme loads. Understanding liquid motions in tanks, with or without gravity, defining extreme loads of water, oil, fuel or Liquid Natural Gaz in a containment, is crucial for security issues.
Whether your application involves sea, air or land transport, tank resistance, steady fuel delivery, mass distribution and other design parameters are your concerns.
The primary challenge for numerical simulation is to take into account multiphase flows (free surface without diffusion), compressible flows and fluid/structure coupling when needed.

Our solution

Nextflow Software includes two CFD solvers. Non-diffusive free surface can be computed using a Lagrangian approach (Smooth Particles Hydrodynamics), or Volume of Fluid interface with adaptive mesh and high order schemes.
We provide high-fidelity solutions using SPH or the possibility of coupling SPH to Finite Volume solvers in order to get the most out of the two approaches.


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