Ship resistance and propulsion

Improving ship performance and fuel consumption is a major challenge for the shipping industry facing regulatory pressure, or looking for better profitability by reducing operating costs.

Your application

Among the challenges faced by the design of modern ships, simulation of the hydrodynamics of the hull represents a main one as it will enable to determine the required engine power to meet operational requirements and that few percent of additional consumption will represent a huge cost on the whole ship life.

Our solution

Nextflow Software includes a global methodology to improve ship resistance and propulsion efficiency. This methodology developed with Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore, includes parametric hull modelling capabilities, and a state of the art CFD solver. With Nextflow Software, you will be able to evaluate hundreds of designs in real operating profiles, in a very short time, always in the same environment. Moreover, the best design in calm water can be evaluated in real environmental conditions, performing added resistance in wave simulations.




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