REVA: Ship resistance calculation

REVA is a software designed to calculate ship resistance in calm water. It performs calculations on mono-hulls, catamarans and trimarans taking into consideration lifting surfaces and allows the influence of the floor and walls of towing tanks and air cushion effects on the free surface to be modelled.

Fast resistance evaluation in calm water

This numerical solver was developed by the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics at Ecole Centrale in Nantes LHEEA. The solving process is based on the hypothesis of a perfect fluid iso-volume and is resolved using Rankine’s singularity, which only requires meshing the hull and part of the free surface. The viscous part of the flow is estimated from empirical formulas given by the ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference).


Fast solver adapted to pre-design

Low computational power required

Many functions

Intuitive graphical user interface

Fully integrated meshing, post processing and visualization software