Marine & Offshore

Wind and waves are complex phenomena, and numerical simulation is a very good alternative to experimental testing, which remains expensive, long and sometimes difficult to analyze.

Simulate accurately wave propagation and complex physics such as cavitation and wave impact

Maritime industries (marine, offshore, marine renewable energies, yachts…) must meet multiple needs such as performance optimization, safety and efficiency of operations in a very complex and hostile environment with wind, salt and waves. Experimental testing remains expensive, long and sometimes difficult to analyze with complex phenomena.

Nextflow Software developed dedicated solvers specifically for marine and offshore applications and addressing your simulation needs.

Marine and offshore design processes are complex and involve a great number of engineering steps and expertise. Simulation is the best way to ensure that designs meet technical and performance requirements. Such simulations need considerable effort, and a combination of multiple tools to succeed. With our innovative approach, you benefit from a complete integrated package, for faster and more reliable CFD results.

You know your application – We have the solution

Nextflow Software’s approach is to adapt innovative solvers and tools to the specific needs of naval engineers, providing them with a simulation workbench suitable to their application domains.

The idea is to use the right solver, depending on the maturity of the design process. From a single set of input data, engineers can run several simulations, involving different methods, from fast and low-precision models, to high-fidelity massively parallel/computation-intensive solvers.

This approach can be combined with our optimization process, thanks to our DOE generator, involving CAD and meshing parametric deformations.

Ship Resistance

Ship resistance and propulsion

Wave impact loads

Assessing extreme loads on ships and offshore structures and superstructures


Liquid motion and sloshing