Industrial processes

At the dawn of the Industry 4.0 revolution, flexibility and digitization start becoming the major industrial challenges : flexibility to join cost efficiency and custom production, digitization to improve value-adding to new levels. The numerical simulation is, more than ever before, a cornerstone of such manufacturing mutation.

Improve processes and provide insights to fully comprehend the smart manufacturing stakes

More competitive than ever, the manufacturing industry remains in constant evolution. Pushed by an ever-growing need of optimization, computer-integrated manufacturing naturally emerges as clear evidence. At the crossroads of automation, interconnected devices – a.k.a. IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) – and big data analytics, the concept of digital twin opens a whole new realm of possibilities: data-fed continued improvement, virtual experimentation, immersive training tool…

CAD design and numerical simulation are essential constituents of such numerical replica. In the field of fluid dynamics, Nextflow Software continues helping customers in their individual manufacturing challenges: process optimization, additive manufacturing, advanced multi-physics processes…

You know your application – We have the solution

Each application has its own set of complex issues. Therefore, each application requires a dedicated approach.

Some believe that the perfect simulation tool must solve all design problems. We don’t.

At Nextflow Software, we know that ideal tools are ideal for a given design problem. They result from the combination of advanced specific solvers and strong, technical case-specific expertise.

For years, we have been developing case-specific, issue-solving-oriented solutions, based on non-standard solvers and highly diverse industrial experience.


Drilling process is one of the widest spread material removal process in the world.