Energy & environment

When facing issues such as global warming, energy efficiency and decarbonation have become essential. Simulation is a solution to optimize existing and new energy generation systems, and to prevent potential environmental consequences of climate change. When fluid dynamics are involved, CFD can contribute to this environmental revolution.

Improve the efficiency of systems and infrastructures that are on the verge of many different physics

Wind turbines, hydraulic dams, photovoltaic panels, renewable marine energies (RME), nuclear plants… Many types of energy sources can benefit from CFD simulation. As most energy sources involve more than CFD, being able to use the most of each field of physics is key to achieve a common goal: reducing energy consumption.

Environment-friendly alternatives to oil open the scope for new simulation needs and possibilities. Simulation can help go through the transition to renewable energy projects and environmental challenges due to climate change.

You know your application – We have the solution

Each application has its own set of complex issues. Therefore, each application requires a dedicated approach.

Some believe that the perfect simulation tool must solve all design problems. We don’t.

At Nextflow Software, we know that ideal tools are ideal for a given design problem. They result from the combination of advanced specific solvers and strong, technical case-specific expertise.

For years, we have been developing case-specific, issue-solving-oriented solutions, based on non-standard solvers and highly diverse industrial experience.

Dam break and flooding

Preventing risks due to river floods or catastrophic events