D-day minus 2 before Transat Jacques Vabre starts in le Havre: the excitement is stepping up!

Sailors will take the major and historical seaway “Route du Café” to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, crossing the Equator. As skippers will approach the well-known “pot au noir” area, they will probably face strong weather conditions in the southeast trade winds. Bodies and sailing boats will be challenged and under severe strain and skippers will have to rely on the robustness of their yacht.

To help designers and material engineers evaluating the hydrodynamics loads applied to the hull, computational fluid dynamics is now fully integrated in the conception stage. Advanced CFD software can accurately reproduce storm waves that skippers might face with a high level of confidence and thus ensure safety. Moreover, many designs and different wave configurations can be evaluated while real experiment is simply unaffordable. It clearly helps designers and naval architects to suggest disruptive design. In a competitive transoceanic race as the Transat Jacques Vabre each optimization resulting from the fluid dynamic analysis can make the difference that leads to victory.

The race will also be a technological race and promises to be captivating!

We wish all skippers good luck! Et bon vent!