Subject to environmental, technological, security and cost constraints, the Automotive industry faces tremendous challenges. Numerical simulation suited to solving case-specific issues is more than ever required for anticipated, predictive, safe, secure and efficient designs.

Maintain innovation, reliability and cost-efficiency across environmental and technological breakthroughs

Automotive design has become a complex balancing act. Among today’s challenges are environmental concerns about fuel consumption, electrical car, new disruptive technologies leading to re-think connected and autonomous vehicles, and worldwide competition which puts pressure on manufacturing costs. More than ever, design needs to be anticipated, predictive and efficient to produce innovative, reliable and cost-efficient products.

In the context of Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of the design and manufacturing processes, Nextflow Software contributes to reducing or replacing physical prototyping and field tests by numerical simulations in the field of fluid dynamics.

You know your application – We have the solution

Each application has its own set of complex issues. Therefore, each application requires a dedicated approach.

Some believe that the perfect simulation tool must solve all design problems. We don’t.

At Nextflow Software, we know that ideal tools are ideal for a given design problem. They result from the combination of advanced specific solvers and strong, technical case-specific expertise.

For years, we have been developing case-specific, issue-solving-oriented solutions, based on non-standard solvers and highly diverse industrial experience.

Fording river crossing

Simulating vehicle river crossing or fording

Gearbox lubrication

Ensuring optimal gearbox lubrication


Hydroplaning or aquaplaning

Rain on windshield

Rainfall on windshield: coupling airflow with rain and wipers movement


Liquid motion and sloshing