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Vincent Perrier testimony

We have interviewed Vincent Perrier, Nextflow Software CEO, to let him share with you the company vision and missions. Discover his testimony by watching this 2 minutes video!

“As an entrepreneur, I know that a startup is a marathon, this is not a sprint and you have to be prepared to any scenarios.”

Siemens acquires Nextflow Software

to speed simulations with advanced meshless technology

  • Siemens announced that it has acquired Nextflow Software
  • Nextflow Software will become part of Siemens Digital Industries Software, where its offering will expand the Simcenter™ software portfolio, part of the Siemens’ Xcelerator™ portfolio of software and services, with rapid meshless CFD capabilities to accelerate the analysis of complex transient applications in the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries such as gear box lubrication, tank sloshing or electric motor spray cooling.

Webinar replay | SPH method

Ease of use demonstration with SPH-flow

Lubrication system application case

  • You struggle to mesh the rotating parts of your application with complex meshing techniques such as sliding grids, overset, local remeshing…?
  • You are tired of spending your time in the setup of your simulation instead of optimizing your solution?
  • You are not satisfied with the accuracy of the free surface modeling of your standard CFD method?

Watch our webinar replay and explore how to easily optimize your design performance with the SPH method.

Webinar replay | Vehicle design

How to address 2021 challenges in CFD simulations?

  • You need to improve design performance without increasing costs?
  • You are tired of struggling with meshing?

Watch this webinar replay and learn how to upgrade CFD capabilities to:

  • reduce design optimization costs
  • solve more challenging fluid problems without meshing
  • predict problems with FSI.

Discover Vincent Perrier interview

Vincent Perrier, Nextflow Software CEO, has been interviewed by Cécilia Severi, journalist at B SMART – LE LAB, to discuss about the company development.
“LE LAB” is a TV show where numerical actors pitch about their innovative technologie. Everyday, four start-up/ company/ wide organisation present their expertises and innovative solutions.

Discover Vincent Perrier vision by watching the interview.
Note: Voice in french/ sub-titles in english.

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Nextflow Software is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) startup that develops and sells advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Thanks to its talented team of researchers and engineers, and based on more than 10 years of close partnership with leading academic research laboratories from Ecole Centrale Nantes (ECN), Nextflow Software is pushing the limits of CFD simulation.

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